RD Service for Windows

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction.. 3

1.1.      Purpose. 3

  1. S/W and H/W Requirement 3

2.1.      Prerequisites for S/W... 3

2.2.      Prerequisites for H/W... 3

2.3.      Calling Application Details. 3

  1. Installation steps. 3
  2. Help & Support 4
  3. FAQs. 4






1.  Introduction

1.1.              Purpose

Purpose of the document is to assist end-user in installation of Morpho RD Service and using it with MorphoSmartTM Biometric Sensor Device.

2.  S/W and H/W Requirement

2.1.                   Prerequisites for S/W

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

2.2.            Prerequisites for H/W

MSO1300 E, MSO1300 E2, MSO1300 E3 Fingerprint Sensor Device

2.3.            Calling Application Details

AUA/KUA client application.


3.  Installation steps


  1. Run 'MorphoRdServiceL0SoftSetup.exe' as administrator to install the RD Service.

Follow the instruction in setup wizard to complete the installation.



  1. Then plug-in the Morpho Biometric Device.


  1. Prompt to enter One-time-token may appear if the connected device is not white-listed at management server. Enter the provided token for RD Service to launch successfully.



4.  Help & Support

     Contact to Morpho RD Integration Team at rd.integration@smartchiponline.com


5.  FAQs

Ques. What is RD Service?

Ans.  RD Service is a device provider’s registered device service compliant to Aadhaar Registered Devices Specification used to ensure secured biometric capture, and authentication of biometrics using UIDAI’s Aadhaar based services.


Ques. Which biometric device models are certified as a Registered Device?


 Ans. The Morpho 1300 E, Morpho 1300 E2, Morpho 1300 E3 are certified as a Registered Device.


Ques. Are there any technical documents from UIDAI to refer?


Ans. All the updated technical documents can be checked from following link:



Ques. How to get One Time Tokens in case the Device is not White-Listed?


 Ans. Contact Morpho RD Integration Support Team. Details given above in Help & Support.

Ques. Is the Morpho devices certified for Level 0 or Level 1?

Ans. The Morpho E1300 is currently certified for L0 only.

Ques.  From where will customer get Morpho RD Service?

Ans.  Contact Morpho RD Integration Support Team. Details given above in Help & Support.

Ques.  How can customer use Morpho RD Service?

Ans.  Customer needs to have an application integrated with Morpho RD Service.