RD Service for ANDROID

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction.. 3

1.1.      Purpose. 3

  1. S/W and H/W Requirement 3

2.1.      Prerequisites for S/W... 3

2.2.      Prerequisites for H/W... 3

2.3.      Calling Application Details. 3

  1. Installation steps. 3
  2. Help & Support 10
  3. FAQs. 10






1.  Introduction

1.1.              Purpose

Purpose of the document is to provide general idea of Morpho RD Service for              Android application.


2.  S/W and H/W Requirement

2.1.            Prerequisites for S/W


Android Smart phone having OS version from 4.4 to above versions till date

2.2.            Prerequisites for H/W

MSO1300 E, MSO1300 E2, MSO1300 E3 Fingerprint Sensor Device

OTG enabled mobile

2.3.            Calling Application Details

AUA/KUA client application. For example client like Idea, Reliance Jio etc.


3.  Installation steps

Customer needs Android OS base Smartphone. The Android OS version should be 4.4 (Kitkat) or above. Firstly Customer open Smartphone then:



Tap on Play Store Icon to search Morpho RD Service App



Type RD Service in search text box inside play store App


Tap on Morpho SCL RDService


Tap on INSTALL            button


Tap to OPEN/LAUNCH RD Service App


This windows appears when RD Service Launched



4.  Help & Support

     Contact to Morpho RD Integration Team at rd.integration@smartchiponline.com



5.  FAQs


Ques. Which biometric device models are certified as a Registered Device?


 Ans. The Morpho E1300 series is certified as a Registered Device.


Ques. Are there any documents from UIDAI I can read on this?


Ans. Yes. The Authentication API 2.0 specification can be read here. https://uidai.gov.in/images/FrontPageUpdates/aadhaar_authentication_api_2_0.pdf

The Registered Device Specification can be read here https://uidai.gov.in/images/resource/aadhaar_registered_devices_2_0_2_18072017.pdf

Ques. Is the Morpho devices certified for Level 0 or Level 1?

Ans. The Morpho E1300 is currently certified for L0.

Ques. What is RD Service?

Ans.  RD Service is an application provide by Morpho and others. This application for capture fingerprint from Morpho sensor and doing e-kyc by fingerprint.

Ques.  Where will customer get Morpho RD Service?

Ans.  User can find Morhpo RD Service from play store and directly install it Link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scl.rdservice&hl=en

Ques.  How can customer use Morpho RD Service?

Ans.  Morpho RD Service is not standalone application. For accessing the functionality of Morpho RD Service customer required one more AUA / KUA application.

Ques.  How will customer install Morpho RD Service?

Ans.  Customer needs Android OS base Smartphone. In which Android OS version should be 4.4 (Kitkat) or above. Firstly Customer open Smartphone then